Indian Health Services Job Order Contract (JOC)

Project Details

  • Service: IDIQ Contract
  • Location: Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas
  • Contract Max: $75M
  • Industry: Federal, Healthcare
  • Client: Indian Health Services

NASCO performed as the Prime Contractor, completing 103 multi-discipline task orders in mostly occupied facilities across a geographically dispersed area. We managed 120 local subcontractors and performed as many as 70 concurrent projects across a four state area including Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Kansas. NASCO operated as a design-build contractor for projects including energy conservation upgrades that were built to LEED standards, existing facility renovation, and new construction. Task orders ranged in value from $2K-$2.9M, with an average task order value of $360K. Overall, NASCO executed an average of $8M in task orders each year throughout the duration of the Indian Health Services (IHS) JOC.

NASCO operated as a Design-Build contractor for multiple projects including new construction, existing facility renovations, alteration, modernization, and repair work. The wide array of projects involved new construction, renovation, alteration, and repair projects for medical clinics, hospitals, and housing facilities. Work included HAZMAT remediation, environmental mitigation, above-ground and underground utility installation, installation of interior and exterior utility systems, paving, roofing, site work, metal buildings, foundation work, structural steel erection, structural and architectural repairs, windows, stucco, roofing, exterior improvements, hardscape, electrical and utility efficiency upgrades, mechanical/HVAC, plumbing, communication systems, fire protection, and the new construction of office buildings, administrative areas, public buildings, and medical and dental facilities.