Alpine Village Condominium Complex

  • Delivery: Design Build
  • Service: New Construction
  • Location: Kellogg, ID
    Construction Cost: $6,732,930
  • Industry: Commercial
  • Client: Rider Levett Bucknall (dba RLB/CPR Group)

The project, as originally envisioned, entailed the construction of a condominium complex consisting of 4 buildings, each with approximately 20 units over subterranean parking garages, site utility infrastructure to support the condo development, and other site civil work dictated by the City of Kellogg. However, only 1 of the 4 planned buildings consisting of 21 units totaling 32,596 square feet in size was constructed.  Notwithstanding that only 1 building was completed, site infrastructure designed to accommodate all 4 buildings (80 units) was constructed.

This project was located in a central business district adjacent to multiple uptown businesses and multiple residential properties. Extensive traffic control and pedestrian walkways for safety were temporarily constructed throughout the entire construction project. Materials were hauled in and out on strict timelines to accommodate the daily fluctuation of business traffic.

The Project site also involved numerous existing structures including, but not limited to, retaining walls, stairs, underground utilities, and residential structures that required relocation, removal, and/or demolition in order for the new condominium complex to be constructed.  Additionally, an existing right-of-way for a roadway (3rd Street) that extended into the site had not yet been officially vacated with the City resulting in an added obstacle to obtaining requisite construction permits. Furthermore, subsequent surveys identified encroachments into the Project site by adjacent properties requiring modifications to designs.

The combination of steep slopes, existing structures and the undocumented underground utilities, adjacent residential properties, etc. placed added emphasis for the close coordination of the design professionals, especially the civil engineering disciplines.