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NASCO Energy International has been awarded a FEED (Front End Engineering Design & Development) Agreement in the first step towards the design and construction of a world class biomass sustainable power and heating process plant in the United Kingdom. This state of the art facility will set a new standard for sustainable design, technological innovation, biomass efficiency, environmental stewardship and the successful combination of electric power, thermal process heat and large-scale food production. The project’s sustainable use of biomass fuel will demonstrate one of the most efficient processes in the world, demonstrating that biomass energy is a sustainable and renewable baseload energy source. When completed, the project will provide over 350 permanent jobs and thousands of supporting jobs.


Press Release No. 3

New plans were revealed on Friday at Holyhead Town Hall by Orthios Group, the development team behind the Orthios Energy Centre and Eco Park on the former Anglesey Aluminium works site at Penrhos, Holyhead.

The Design for the development by Chester based architects, McCormick Architecture, resembles a science park rather than the current industrial complex. Many of the large industrial structures including the 120m high chimney are proposed to be removed as part of the development, which will have at its heart an energy centre that will generate 299MWe of sustainable electricity from biomass and create 150 long term jobs.

Anglesey Aluminium Limited gained approval for the 299MWe biomass power station back in 2011. Orthios with their architects, McCormick Architecture and their American construction and engineering partners, Native American Services Corporation (NASCO) have redesigned it. The design team have worked with the local planning authority team to produce a proposal that respects the sensitive nature of the site and reduces visual impact on the adjacent site being developed by Land and Lakes Limited.

NASCOs Chief Financial Officer Rick Luna commented

"We have been working with the Orthios team on this innovative project for 9 months to create an energy centre that is not only efficient, in its production of electricity but that will also then be able to utilise the waste heat and carbon dioxide in the production of the high value foods Orthios will be growing in their Eco Park. It's a visionary project that will set an example for future generations."

For the first time the proposals also reveal the Eco Park designs which will incorporate on land fish production and also vegetable and fruit production in a series of buildings that are framed by tree lined boulevards. The waste heat and carbon dioxide from the electrical generation will pass into an energy management centre from where it will be distributed into the complex of buildings growing the fresh food. Orthios Aquaculture Limited will be the worlds largest on land aquaculture facility, capable of producing millions of kilos of fresh shrimp and fish each year with a filleting, packaging and freezing plant creating hundreds of jobs alone.

Anglesey Aluminium's team with the backing of Rio Tintos legacy company have worked tirelessly with Orthios to deliver an energy centre that will provide 150 skilled jobs on the site and a further 350 jobs on the Eco Parks.