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While we have business solutions that distinguish us above competition, we believe one of the best indicators of our commitment to quality performance is by listening to what our customers have to say. The following are some of the many compliments we have received from our clients.


“Throughout this challenging project, the current NASCO field staff have maintained a positive and professional relationship with both the USACE and various government representatives (DPW, Fire Department, MCTC Staff, etc.). Given what I know today about the contractor's ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order's most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future. Contractor has done a very good job of compliance with environmental, safety, and base operating regulation ."

- Dawn Thompson
Contracting Officer

“Brian and his team have been first class, his ability to not only keep the schedule and the project on track, but to also keep our staff informed has been extremely beneficial to our department. The finished product is exactly what our agency needed and we thank you for a job well done."

- MAJ David M. Helfrich | AIA, NCARB
Dept. of Facilities Management, Illinois Army National Guard

“The NASCO contract has been the best IDIQ we have awarded in the 22 years I have been doing this."

- Rick Kretzschmar
Department of Homeland Security

"With your effective safety program, a safe construction site was maintained through all phases of construction, resulting in an accident free, safe construction site for all workers. Your company has demonstrated and proven with your dedicated safety program conjunction with the Corps safety program that the zero accident construction site could be obtainable. Congratulations on your success and job well done!"

- Harry Kye, P.E.
Fort Gordon Area Engineer

"The entire DEQ/DPW response was lightning fast and the final product could not have been better. Plus, all players were cordial and created a very pleasant work relationship."

- John Larkins, US Army
Ft Leonard Wood

"Holloman Air Force Base will have our swimming pool grand opening this Friday, and I just want to extend my thanks to your team who worked so hard to make this possible, especially Sandra Gilliland, Brian Turnbull, Annette Hinkle, and Stephann Dannemann. Your team finished three weeks ahead of the contractual due date, giving my team enough time to finish the final preparations for the holiday weekend. Your outstanding performance on this project has been noticed, and is appreciated!

- Robert Cole, Colonel, USAF, Commander

“Most of this project work required NASCO to function as a design-build contractor for projects including energy conservation upgrades to existing building service systems, existing facility renovation, and new clinic construction. On all projects, NASCO personnel worked closely with federal personnel to create management teams that fully developed final project requirements. Throughout the process NASCO met all project scoping requirements and performed successfully to the satisfaction of the Albuquerque Area IHS OEHE."

- Department of Health and Human Services

“NASCO provided a high quality project to the Government.

Jim pointed out to me where NASCO had graded the overall site to ensure that there was proper drainage but took extra effort in the grading of the site to lower high spots and raise low spots, thereby eliminating an uneven terrain. NASCO understood that by providing a little extra fill and moving the dirt around to low spots, that the overall finish of the project is a now a compliment to the training area.

My thanks and acknowledgment of their willingness to provide a high quality project to the Government are extended."

- David Gaither, DPW Construction Branch
Fort Gordon

“The power for Goddard was installed last Thursday. Thank you very much for your help in this. This had to be one for the record books - work complete a week after the site survey."

- TC Phil Graves, USAICoE Master Planner
Fort Huachuca

“I am writing to thank you for the superb work you and your team did from NASCO USA in the renovation project of the Family Life Chaplain Training Center, Building 21007 at Fort Hood, Texas… Since January, we have furnished the rooms and put them to use, and we are exceptionally pleased with the end result!

“We are especially proud of our new training and conference room, that we use to teach small classes, lead small groups, and host meetings. In March we had a team from FORSCOM Headquarters visit our facility and then meet in our new conference room with us. The team was absolutely amazed at the superb and professional level of a facility we have set aside to conduct our mission of serving Army Families.

“I want to also thank you and your crew for being so willing to work with us and our special needs, as well as being reasonable when there were a couple of differences in the way what was on paper could possibly end up in the building. You always worked to insure that in the end, we as your customer would be happy and satisfied - and we are! You also helped minimize the impact of the project on our ongoing service to Soldiers and Families, and you did a great job of cleaning up after yourself daily to prevent the construction dust from spreading out into the rest of the building. When you left, you left us feeling very proud to work in and serve our Army Soldiers and Families in a building suitable for only the best!

“Thanks again for your excellent work and dedicated, professional service!”

- Lance Alan Sneath, Clinical Director and Supervisor
Fort Hood

“I am pleased with the work completed by NASCO. [They were] very accommodating and professional through the entire process and has given us a good product. I would recommend his work to anybody in the future."

- Paul Mullen, Chief ALMB
Fort Bragg

“Thanks to you and all of your contractors who have helped on this very important project. You have prepared a facility that will train soldiers to save lives in the War against Terror. You and your staff have been courteous, professional, and helpful. Thanks again for an excellent job."

- Roger Vickers, 82nd Airborne Division Facilities
Fort Bragg

“This memorandum is to acknowledge superior performance by Native American Service Company (NASCO). The speed and quality of NASCO's work has been nothing short of phenomenal. They implemented methods to create the least amount of disruption to the daily work of the center and promptly cleaned up as they worked. All of the workers were courteous, respectful and extremely diligent in carrying out the work. The contractor's performance made an otherwise potentially disruptive process go smoothly.

“Thank you for your commitment to providing quality engineering services to your customers."

- Brenda Taylor-Brooks, Chief, Education Services Division
Fort Bragg

“The Team understood and exceeded our needs for the entire time that they were here. In closing, I would welcome the NASCO Team back any time for any project."

- Chuck Muscato
Fort Huachuca

“The working experience was very good. The owners, managers, and employees acted professionally during the entire course of the contract, and the result of [NASCO's] work was equally professional. As with all projects such as this, there were a couple of minor issues that arose, but in both cases there were resolved expeditiously."

- Tom Johnson, SigCen
Fort Gordon

“[NASCO] was willing to alter work schedules to accommodate our patients and staff in order to prevent any potential hazards in the outpatient areas. The crews were fairly neat (for guys!) and routinely cleaned up their work areas each day. I have worked for IHS for nearly 20 years and have never encountered such conscientious work. It was a pleasure having them here; they made my job much easier than I anticipated."

- Deborah Neilson, QA/Safety Manager
Indian Health Services

“The results were nothing short of exceptional. Thank you for your effort in support of a vital mission to our State and Nation, your efforts will literally provide the foundation for our newest squadron the 139th IS."

- Lt Col Jeff L. Thetford, Detachment Commander, 116th Air Control Wing
Ft Leonard W

“NASCO is familiar with, and has the knowledge and expertise for the special requirements needed for performing a variety of projects in the Native American communities. All of the contracts were satisfactorily completed by NASCO. NASCO has met all of the financial, technical and bonding requirements, prior to award, as required by the Federal Acquisition Regulations."

- Jeff Cena, Contracting Officer, US Dept. of the Interior
Bureau of Indian Affairs

“NASCO's ability to resolve unforeseen conditions including design changes with a proactive management approach has provided the highest quality and an outstanding facility. Their expertise and dedication to their mission emulates the high standards of the United States Marine Corps. NASCO has therefore gained trust, faith and confidence from the Marine Detachment, Ft. Gordon, United States Marine Corps. Thanks for a 'JOB WELL DONE'!"

- MGYSGT R.L. Thomas, United States Marine Corps
Fort Gordon

“I wanted to personally thank you for the outstanding support that you and your company have performed to the Yuma Proving Ground. You have provided excellent end-of-year support for two years in a row. I have counted on you several times when difficult issues came up, and each time your expertise and your professional leadership provided answers, not additional issues. I greatly appreciate your can-do attitude and the assistance you have provided to the Yuma Proving Ground mission of supporting our Soldiers. Again, thank you for a job well done.”

- Margie Dussault, Contracting Officer, MICC Center, Yuma
Dept of the Army

“During a turbulent Thanksgiving holiday period last month, DPW, [NASCO], and subcontractors worked swiftly and efficiently to recarpet the entire building in under a month. This impressive accomplishment involved the coordination with Navy, Air Force, Marine, and Army personnel and was done with minimal inconvenience to the customer.

“The efforts of DPW and [NASCO] employees involved with the GCHQ renovation resulted in a complicated project being completed in a timely, organized manner. We appreciate your support and look forward to future endeavors.”

- Robert Quinn, LTC, MI, Department of the Army
Fort Gordon

“It has been my pleasure to work with NASCO, Inc. on a challenging design/build project for the U.S. Army Yuma Proving Grounds in Arizona. I have been very impressed with the company...

“I have also observed work completed by NASCO on BIA and local hospital projects. The company is exceptionally responsive to the client's needs, and delivers a quality product on time and within budget.

“The Yuma project has extremely tight deadlines and limited budget. The entire NASCO team has been very innovative and proactive in working within these constraints.

“I can without reservation recommend the company's services.”

- Greg Comer, Architect and Principal, Dyron Murphy Architects

“[NASCO’s] performance was excellent and within budget. Jobs were completed on time without any delays.”

- Donna Marzigliano, Contracting Officer, Department of the Navy
Marine Corps Base Quantico

“NASCO has worked efficiently with all contractors and government personnel on this project and providing informative open lines of communication with DPWL. NASCO works with the project engineer in resolving unforeseen conditions when they arise and providing cost effective solutions.

“The workmanship and materials exhibited by NASCO is of high quality.”

- David Tesch, Architect, Fort Gordon DPWL
Fort Gordon

“... Your company is really putting out their best effort and I am totally pleased and look forward to a great relationship.”

- William Obershaw, Chief of Contracting, Indian Health Service

“I would like to take the time to say thanks to the NASCO Company and to Mr. Floyd Lewis [NASCO’s Sr. Project Manager] for the outstanding work that was performed on our Reserve center here in Decorah, Iowa. Mr. Lewis was always available for questions if I had any and called to see how the work was going. The professionalism, dedication and work values the contractors was remarkable… I would highly recommend your company to anyone.”

- Anthony Reeder, Facility Manager, Department of the Army
Ft Leonard Wood

“The work is progressing on schedule and within budget. The quality of the work is very good, and NASCO has been very responsive to the Government's requests…The safety record for both projects has been excellent with no reportable incidents.

“The NASCO Project Management team has been very good to work with.”

- John Carine, Project Manager, Department of Homeland Security, FLETC

“We wish to extend our appreciation to you and your staff for the excellent service your company has provided to this Facility.

“From the Quality Assurance side of my job, it has been a pleasure working with you. Your employees have always demonstrated a desire to "get the job" done within the expected timeframe and costs. Issues were brought to my attention immediately and resolved without conflict. Through your diligent oversight throughout the construction process, punch-list items were few and quickly completed.

“From the staff and employees here at ASF-Olathe, we wish to extend our gratitude and we look forward to future projects with your company.”

- Bric Lewis, ASF-Olathe, Government Quality Assurance
Department of the Army, Ft Leonard Wood

“NASCO’s pro-active attitude, responsiveness, and willingness to go the extra mile are characteristics the FLETC looks for in its contractors.”

- Department of Homeland Security 2007 Award Letter

“NASCO’s supervision, quality control, and safety requirements were evident throughout the project and all portions of the scope of work as well as additional changes were incorporated and completed in a timely and satisfactory condition, despite the fact that most of the work was performed while school was in session.

“The NASCO firm was cooperative and responsive to the requirements of this difficult and complex renovation project.

“The Project, we believe, has been a successful one because of NASCO’s outstanding work. We would recommend the company highly for any future work.”

- Louis Weller, FAIA, President of Weller Architects

In a recent Certificate of Appreciation, our Sr. Project Manager, Glen Schmolze was thus recognized: “Your professionalism and unwavering dedication truly made this project a success, and reflect great credit upon yourself, NASCOUSA, and the Department of Defense.”

- LTC, SC James Powers, Director, 7th Signal Center
Fort Gordon



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